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Top 10 Sales Training Companies in India

Sales is one of the most important aspects of every business. Maximizing the sales can be the biggest responsibility for the business owners. Without sales of product or service, the business either becomes a hobby or a charity. Every employee must understand the sales funnel of the organization and the role of his own department in the sales of the products or services.

The importance of sales can be considered in various ways such as business growth, positive culture, and customer retention. When there is a sales team at the organization, it is important that the team is well trained and has great communication skills so as to communicate appropriately with the customers. If the sales team does not seem eligible, sales training can help out the help them boost the sales of the organization. Providing sales training to the sales team can help them improving communication skills, learning sales methodologies, overcome objections and develop administration skills.

Sales Training includes the self-improvement of abilities and procedures identified with making and investigating new deals openings, and in addition bringing deals to a close for an association. Which cannot be ever done without the greater help of any sales executives? Sales agents move retail items, products, and enterprises to clients. Deals delegates work with clients to discover what they need, make arrangements and guarantee a smooth deals process. Deals agents will work to discover new prospective customers, through professional resources, customer referrals, and so on.

It is critical that your organization is making the correct preparing speculations. A prepared deals group can produce new open doors which can prompt immense returns for an organization which is really very important in longer terms. Relational abilities are fundamental in deals on the grounds that business people must guarantee that clients comprehend the items and administrations advertised.

Business Landscape has turned out to be too much focused. Associations in their development venture should be profoundly aggressive, gainful and productive to remain ahead. In any case, with regularly changing purchaser’s inclinations, remaining beneficial is a humongous undertaking.

Thus, organizations require successful business procedure and sales solutions for keeping them on top of things. Arrangements that associates business methodology and operational viability; separate abnormal state vision into noteworthy exercises; match up the whole Sales Operation, Sales Process, Sales Tools and Sales Team Skills with the abnormal state vision to make exceedingly beneficial Sales Operations.

Sales training can help one in improving in all above aspects which at the end, makes a better salesperson.

The sales training companies can be a great source for providing sales training to your sales team. Let us consider the top ten sales training companies which would help you get sorted with the list of sales training company for your sales team. Read out the following article.

1. Yatharth Marketing Solutions

Established in 2014, Yatharth Marketing Solutions is one of the best sales training company and making difference in the training industry. Yatharth Marketing Solutions has become a performance-based training company with certain offices globally.

“Believing in Building Leaders Who Deliver Success!” is what Yatharth Marketing Solutions follow. Yatharth Marketing Solutions is home to all those who seek for best sales trainers in the market.

The team at Yatharth Marketing Solutions believes in providing the salespeople the opportunity to boost their skills and upgrade their performance that helps those generating positive, steady and cost-effective results in their sales career.

They are committed to serving the sales personnel with the extraordinary training that helps them stand out of the crowd while pitching their service or product. They not only offer such great service to any specific type or size of the industry, with their experience and expertise, but they also tend to offer their services from small-scale industries to Fortune 500 companies out there. The industries they serve can be listed as below; Professional & Business, Information Technology, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Retail Sales, Manufacturing and Industrial, Real Estate, Insurance, and Banking. No matter which industry you are into, become a sales expert with Yatharth Marketing Solutions.

2. Rain group India:

Rain Sales Training Company is an award-winning sales training company offering global sales training and performance improvement in order to unleash the sales potential of the team in various companies.

With the help of Rain group, your sales team can drive real behavior change and great results, the organization can become a top performing sales organization and ultimately succeed with complex sales.

Rain Sales Training Company can help you develop and improve sales strategy, structure, process, messaging and talent, designing and executing strategic account management initiatives, enhance sales capability through world-class education and increase the effectiveness of sales management.

3. B-More Consulting

B-more consulting company has been in the market for many years and has grabbed a lot of experience in training people. All those experience along with the experiments have always benefitted into the making of their goodwill and presence. The company has some very honorable and sharp people working their best to elevate the growth which each passing second. Resulting in very successful outcomes, the company has only grown until now.

They have various teams working for various aspects, which also includes the founding associates. Hand-picked people for training different courses again add up to the value of the company. They have the tremendous skill in teaching/training what to do and what not to do. They also have courses designed for various requirements which serve accordingly.

4. Mercuri India

Established by Curt Abrahamsson, a Swedish Industrialist in a relationship with Heinz Goldmann of the Goldmann Institute, in 1960, Mercuri International was based on the introducing — enable clients to get methodologies going.

Mercuri India, over the most recent 30 years of its essence, has worked over the scope of organizations and enterprises, have fabricated notoriety of furnishing superb work with a genuinely profound client center.

They team up with their clients to enable them to pick up a focused edge through individuals and process advancement in Sales and Customer Service. They keep on gaining from the past and fabricate an association that is present day, remains significant and continually includes esteem.

It is an international company which has been in India on all the good terms and is working quite notably along with making the clients satisfied with their work. Also, the experience on the international platform has helped the company a lot in gaining clients in India.

Web URL:

5. Integrity Solutions

Established in 1968 by Ron Willingham, Integrity Solutions invested decades making and enhancing an extraordinary learning process that makes an interpretation of information and aptitudes into genuine practices.

In view of studies and perceptions, Ron composed ten books on deals, client benefit, training, objective accomplishment, and self-awareness.

Trustworthiness Solutions was at the cutting edge of presenting the logic of client needs-engaged moving which was radical at the time. This prompted the advancement of first-in-class arrangements, for example, Integrity Selling®, Integrity Service, Integrity Coaching, and numerous others since. Each is intended to affect abilities, as well as dispositions, qualities, and accomplishment drive.

6. Dishah Consultants

Dishah consultants offer business with counseling and preparing answers for implant development, efficiency and gainfulness and make business increasingly focused. A sizable activity endures with numerous issues viz Vision, Strategy and Operation Alignments, Operation Productivity, Operation Effectiveness, Operation Profitability or basically Teams Performance. They break down the issue and side effect and trust in outfitting associations with Business and Sales Strategies that give speedy term and long haul arrangements; Quick arrangements as relief from discomfort and long-haul arrangements as a medical procedure to wipe out insufficient and inefficient components. This empowers recuperation and development for an association without affecting business operability.

7. Harish Sairaman

Harrish Sairaman built up Cognizant Transformation in 2006 with the INTENT of encouraging Transformational Solutions helping Organizations and Individuals accomplish their ideal outcomes.

Their administrations take into account a far-reaching scope of learning arrangements alongside High Impact Personal Breakthrough sessions like FIRE WALK, BROKEN GLASS WALK, STEEL BAR BENDING and so on including exceptional redid transformational arrangements like Peak Performance Training, Motivational Training, Sales Training Programs, Advance Selling Workshops, Leadership Workshops, Management Development Programs, Goal Setting Workshops, Team Building Training, Communications Skills Training, Passionate Selling, , Creativity Workshops, Relationship Mastery, NLP and some more.

They really take care of the thing that every one of their sessions are driven in a High Impact path woven with bunches of experiences and experiential exercises. Which not only keeps the participants engaged in the session but also their involvement makes the sessions interactive and interesting.

They focus on driving long-lasting impact beyond the temporary feel-good factor. We drive a strong post workshop plan to sustain the impact of the learning and wisdom generated during the training hours. They focus on results driving Ownership as the core in our sessions. Also, bring in a unique combination of high impact sessions driven with lots of real-life humor engaging the participants throughout the sessions. The facilitators ‘Live’ by the values that are taught, helping them drive with total presence and Integrity.

8. Peak Performance Training

Peak Performance Training is the quickest developing preparing organization in Asia. Taking into account corporate preparing needs and individual greatness. The organization is totally centered around giving incredible and down to earth preparing to upgrade individual and gathering capacities. Our market fragments incorporate people from varying backgrounds inspiring them to accomplish top execution. We likewise tweak preparing bundles to suit the necessities of corporate customers.

Peak Performance Trainings is a training company Headquartered at Bangalore, India. Driven by the vision and energy of Tarun Ahuja (Chief Mentor).The Peak Performance Trainings is open talking, preparing, authority counseling, and group building organization spend significant time in the “change of business. Their educators and coaches are specialists in creating solid, sure pioneers all through Fortune 500 organizations and free organizations around the globe and in addition deliberately moving and making fun, high vitality corporate societies for customers. Their introduction preparing and open talking course help kill the dread of open talking. The group building exercises help manufacture a deliberate group culture inside your association. The organization additionally offers turn-key breakout sessions and world-well known keynote speakers for traditions and corporate gatherings.

They believe in keeping the trust that individuals have potential, which is infrequently tapped. Preparing can release this concealed potential inside each person to put them on a way of exceptional accomplishment and boundless achievement. They want that all people ought to be trained with global logical techniques to accomplish top execution. Youngsters ought to take in the estimation of exact objective setting and the specialty of executing them to shape a solid and loving future for themselves.

9. Work Better Training Pvt Ltd.

Work Better is an Executive Education and Training organization that deals with the guideline of ‘Result Focused Learning’. They’ve prepared more than 500,000 officials over India’s greatest organizations on different parts of Behavior and Soft Skills that engaged them to end up successful experts. Their configuration tweaked learning activities to enable organizations to create ‘individuals capacities’ to meet their business goals. Also, collaborate with customers to convey arrangements incorporating the whole range of classroom, on the web, versatile and video discovering that bring colossal development among officials while always watching out for hierarchical objectives.

The company has been established in 2008 and since then it has never looked back. Starting with just an idea discussed on a table between two individuals has now reached to be a larger team training lakhs of employees per year.

An innovative setup like theirs gives individuals the opportunity to concoct new and insane thoughts. Being inventive just means thinking of new, extraordinary and better methods for doing stuff. Every thought that you think of will be praised. They truly acknowledge individuals who consider improving things constantly. You will likewise inspire the opportunity to execute the thoughts that you think of.

The central expression of this organization is BETTER. No word for them implies more than this word. From day 1 of the origin of this organization, they have endeavored to show signs of improvement at all that we do. Constant enhancement is our brilliant mantra. We need to strive for excellence in everything we do, not only in terms of final product but also every process & every detail along the way.

10. ChannelPlay Limited

Channelplay is a leading Sales Force Automation, Shopper Marketing & Channel Management company in India. Managing over 5000 field staff, and working with over 60 clients in diverse industries, we deliver high-performance solutions that help our clients increase their sales at the Industry’s best ROI.

Business competency and execution capacity crosswise over channels and enterprises are the key criteria on which they’ve constructed our group. Our supervisory group originates from organizations known for their execution brilliance, have worked for different requesting customers in Channelplay, and are inspired and boosted through our innovative culture and reward frameworks to convey their best. Their field groups are chosen through a thorough procedure, and they give best-in-industry HR condition to draw in and hold ability.

Their Sales Outsourcing and Sales Training services ensure the availability of appropriate human resources for selling, Visual Merchandising, and Loyalty Programs help them create effective and motivated retail environments. Further, their Mystery Shopping and Market Research services help measure performance and drive improvements.



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